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I have been using the previous LED replacement bulbs (LED7512-12VG,R) for several years now. I think they are great. And so far, no one has questioned my installing them as \"preventative maintenance\". How do the paddle wing tip lamps compare? How much brighter are they? Thanks for a great, reasonably priced, product.

Submitted by Kurt S, who rated us 10/10

Sep 30, 2015

Nothing but good things to say about this family run business.

Submitted by Jimmy J, who rated us 10/10

Best LED on the market. No RFI noise. Brilliantly bright. Took 6 amps draw out of my electrical system. My 20 Amp Cessna system loves them. Highly recommended to those wanting a brighter more reliable position light. Works best with PSA's clear lenses. They actually cast a colored pattern on the ground because of their brightness. You can't go wrong with these.

Submitted by Barney K, who rated us 10/10

I talked to Bob at PSA today about the LED's. I have purchased the paddle red and green position lights. I also purchased the white bulb for the rear that also flashes. My strobes are on the same circuit as my navs, so my navs are on all the time I use the strobes. I also purchased the new clear lenses for the wing nav's. GREAT PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH..

Submitted by Robert K, who rated us 10/10

PSA lights came today. Super fast shipping from FL to OR…. Holy smokes, they are blinding bright. I can't wait to install them. If you are having any doubts about if they are worth buying, don't worry they are worth it…. Anyhow, awesome company and product.

Submitted by Eric O 1966 Cessna C-150F, John 14:21, who rated us 10/10

Dec 4, 2013

Thank you for your kind words

I just wanted to comment on the superb service and products that I have purchased from PSA. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to ANYONE that would like to do business with a wonderful family run company…. I feel that all my fellow pilot family would truly benefit by being made aware of this company and their products. Happy Flying My Friends,

Submitted by Jamason F. Byrd, who rated us 10/10

Aug 1, 2012

Thank you for your kind words

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